Help test Nightblade!

With Nightblade, we're opting for an open development model where anyone can download and test the game as it is being created. This has a number of advantages over the traditional monolithic release some years down the line. We hope to benefit from the extra input and create a more polished, balanced game, while also growing our community of players and developers.

If you wish to help us out by giving feedback, then sign up to our forums, make sure you have UT3 installed, then download and install the latest alpha release.

Please note: this alpha is far from complete. The majority of the features are not yet implemented, the AI is broken, we have placeholder animations, old models, old maps etc. Download at your own risk. If you're looking for a fully playable stealth based game, then check out Thievery.

The latest download can be found here. We have an automated system to package and upload Nightblade as work on it and plan to update the alpha regularly. The list of recent changes can be found here.



If you're interested in contributing to the alpha, check out our Help Wanted page, where we list the main tasks we're in need of help with.