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The Future of Nightblade

immortius :: June 03, 2007

We would like to announce that after some thought on the current state and progress of Nightblade we have decided to refocus the project. Real-life issues and lack of mappers has resulted in a lack of progress of the mod as a whole and we don't see the UT2004 incarnation reaching the level of quality and completeness we want in a game.

So we've decided to take stock of our art assets and designs and make a big push for Nightblade on UT3. This will include a recruiting drive and regular public releases so every fan of the stealth genre can download the game and help contribute and see the game build its way up.

On the technical front UT3 is pretty attractive, especially the dynamic lighting and shadows which would allow us to have dousable torches. Furthermore UT3 will have a larger audience, including players on the PlayStation3 and maybe Xbox360.

At the moment we're reviewing everything we've learned from Thievery and what is done of Nightblade. We are reviewing the gametype, the teams, the name of the mod itself. Closer to UT3's release we will be looking to recruit more people, especially mappers and 3D artists (so if you're interested you might wish to start practising or creating example maps or models now).

You can expect more news around UT3's release, if not before.


The Future of Nightblade
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