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Dalai :: November 07, 2003

Where's the open development? Good question! There are a couple of things holding this up at the moment. The first and most practical reason is that we're trying to sort out a decent distribution method so we can work on Nightblade and have the results of our work available to you as easily and quickly as possible. Having to manually build patches means having them fairly spaced out and would mean testing them thoroughly, which means by the time they're ready to put out there, they're old. So, we're looking for some tools to automatically grab the latest versions of all our content and package them up into patches, to be triggered whenever (I'm thinking weekly at this point). Our main problem is lack of server space for a CVS tree containing all code and content PLUS patches and full install.

The second problem is the UT2k4 release date, which keeps changing! Originally it was due out Fall '03, so I figured we'd go open development then. I was waiting for this so that any fans wouldn't find themselves buying UT2k3 to help test, then have to buy UT2k4 a couple of weeks later.

I hear UT2k4 has been put off until February, so I guess we won't be waiting for that. Hopefully many of you have UT2k3 already, especially if you're into mods. :)


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